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Use Loan to expand your horizons in the world of cryptocurrency. Create riches in a decentralized manner and safeguard your crypto holdings while doing so. Tinqfi enables you to get mobile, fast, and adaptable crypto-backed loans.

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tinqfi crypto loans

How to apply for crypto loans

Step by step

Create an account

Verify your email address to complete Sign-up to create a TinqFi account.

Fund your wallet

Deposit/Top-up crypto into your account from over 300 supported tokens

Complete KYC verification

To get TinqFi crypto backed loans, users would have successfully complete their KYC verification and account security set up.

Apply for loan

Head to Loans on the TinqFi platform, and select from the loanable assets, apply In two simple clicks.

crypto loans

Why TinqFi Loan?

With the most accessible crypto loan available, you can borrow as much or as little as you want at any moment while maintaining the value of your crypto assets.

Crypto Finance Simplified

Select from over 300 supported cryptocurrencies on TinqFi.

Instant Approval and No credit checks

Get Crypto loans in seconds, and you typically receive the funds within 12 hours with zero checks.

No Instalment and Easy repayment

With our flexible payment schedule, you can pay off the entire sum of your loan anytime.

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Crypto finance simplified, gain access to over 300 supported cryptocurrencies on TinqFi.