Crypto Earn

Maximize the return on your savings. Earning additional cryptocurrency from  crypto assets on the TinqFi platform is facilitated by the platform's built-in earn feature.Users can choose to earn after a predetermined amount of time or on a more flexible schedule. TinqFi mobile app, accepts over 30 different cryptocurrency tokens.

TinqFi crypto Earn

How to Earn on TinqFi

Step By Step

Create an Account

Verify your email address to complete Sign-up to create a TinqFi account.

Fund Your Wallet

Deposit/Top-up crypto into your account from over 300 supported tokens

Complete KYC Verification

To start Earning on TinqFi, users must have successfully complete their KYC verification and account security set up.

Apply To Earn

Head to Earn Section on the TinqFi platform, and select from the earnable Fixed or Flexible Plan, apply In two simple clicks.

TinqFi crypto earn

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